Lifestyle Business - UX Consultant Paul Boag

How do you become a leader in digital strategy? With 20 years experience as an employee, company director and freelancer who's figured out how to make his business work for his lifestyle.

With great thoughts on work/life balance Paul also shares how he built up his incredible personal brand through content marketing with podcasts, videos, blogs, books... Hear what it's like creating and living in Boag World.

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Market, Market, Grow - Video Producer Neil Waddington

Passionate about video production, at the start of the millenium Neil soon grew from being a freelancer to being a company owner.

But when the recession hit he realised being good wasn't enough.

He needed to be marketing his business. Having laid everyone off he set about growing again, but this time with lessons learned...

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Upskill To Get The Work You Want - Video Creator Nicky Woodhouse

Nicky Woodhouse went from TV researcher to self shoot/edit freelancer following David Cameron for 3 years creating Web-Cameron.

She's now grown her business Woodhouse TV using other freelancers. This episode includes her thoughts on finances, portfolios and the benefits of different work environments such as hot desking v hiring a full office.

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