Creative Company - Animator Fraser Davidson

Fraser Davidson is a BAFTA award winning director, animator and designer.

He's been staff, he's been freelance and now he's a year into co-founding a company.

From side projects to dream projects; crafty and candid tips whatever field you work in.

Nice guys get paid last...
— Fraser Davidson on getting paid

Here’s some of the key takeaway points:

  • You're nearly there with your dream job, don't go all through uni/college training and just give in to taking jobs soley for the money

  • Do side projects you're passionate about, be creative and use that to get your dream work

  • Don't over deliver early on, you'll dig yourself into a hole you're not getting paid enough to get out of

  • Find your niche. You're known for what you do: 'people don't ask you to do things they don't know you can do'

  • Starting a company where someone else is dealing with the technical 'business' side of things has freed him up creatively

  • Nice guys get paid last - if someone owes you money, be persistent in asking for it

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