Become A Business Professional - Brand/Web Designer Liz Elcoate

Hear how Liz went from pension advisor to banking on a freelance career for her future.

It's not enough to be a passionate freelancer, you need to be a business person and this episode includes cracking thoughts on: payments, contracts, commanding respect and finding a niche.

This conversation also touches upon mental health issues: if this resonates with you, please do check out the 'useful links' at the bottom of these Show Notes.

I don’t work with people who don’t agree 100% to my payment terms...
— Liz Elcoate on staying afloat financially

Here’s some of the key takeaway points:

  • As a freelancer, being passionate about your field isn’t enough, you have to become a business person
  • Be professional and be firm over your terms or clients won’t respect you
  • Break large projects into smaller sections and take payment on each deliverable
  • 30 days payment terms can kill your business (Liz never accepts them)
  • Try and work with people you like - it makes a difference
  • Find a sector or industry you want to work with, it helps you market to those people - it can also help you become known in that field
  • Being a freelancer can be tough mentally as it's so isolating; become part of a community (Liz met many on Twitter)

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