Finding Your Specialism - TV Presenter Gema Enseñat

Hear how Gema went from secondary school teacher to TV host, channel announcer and voiceover, then self-styled her own direction as a craft blogger.

Includes: finding your specialism and not letting finances run the show.

Oh, and her dog.

Find out if you enjoy it first without trying to make money from it...
— Gema Enseñat on freelancing

Here’s some of the key takeaway points:

  • Being freelance is a lifestyle choice, not just a career, remember the great flexibility in your day

  • Try out a new 'career' on the side first without the pressure of having to bring in the money

  • Don't be scared to apply for things and make connections, you've got to put yourself out there

  • Find a specialism that you're genuinely passionate about, don't borrow somone else's

  • Success is however you choose to define it

  • Don't feel the pressure of finances, look to other cultures and you'll see not everyone is obsessed with owning houses and pension planning

  • Don't rely on one or two big clients, spread out your work

  • No one's 'job for life' is safe, the world owes you nothing, so do what you love

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