Niche Queen - E-book Designer Janet Brent

Janet quit her job in the US to travel the world.

After finding herself she started finding clients as a freelance designer focused on e-books.

From the slums of the Philippines she's emerged as the E-book Queen. Now back in the States, she's switched the advice of monks for mastermind mentors.
Listen up: it's quite a journey!

Here’s some of the key takeaway points:

  • Niche and then focus further - what are you enjoying doing most?

  • Think: where do my ideal clients hang out? Janet finds a lot of work through interacting in Facebook groups

  • Find a local Mastermind group to develop yourself as a business person; you'll also grow your network

  • If you’re thinking of starting out… there’s nothing to stop you; don’t build pysological barriers to hold you back. Build your online brand and get going.

  • Constantly reassess and tweak what you’re doing and offering

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