Market, Market, Grow - Video Producer Neil Waddington

Passionate about video production, at the start of the millenium Neil soon grew from being a freelancer to being a company owner.

But when the recession hit he realised being good wasn't enough. He needed to be marketing his business.

Having laid everyone off he set about growing again, but this time with lessons learned...

Neil's is a great story of ambition and reality, of the buzzes and challenges of building your business. Grab great tips from his marketing strategy and also hear what he looks for in the freelancers he now hires.

I thought it was good enough to be good at what I did, the truth is far from that...
— Neil Waddington on marketing his business

Here’s some of the key takeaway points:

  • Neil's always traded as a brand rather than himself which made it easier to grow as a company

  • Don't let one or two clients become the bulk of your business, what if they disappear over night?

  • It's not enough to be good at what you do: you have to market yourself continuously

  • Invest in SEO, be it your own learning or hiring an expert

  • Market yourself as an expert, give away what you know: blogging is brilliant for this

  • Use spare time to write blog ideas down roughly, then tighten them later, 'harvest' these and schedule them to publish over time

  • Don't forget to repeat what you publish

  • If approaching companies for work, don't just send one email, be persistent, call them up

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