Developing Consultant Magic - CSS Wizard Harry Roberts

CSS Wizardry's Harry Roberts went from secure staff job to in-demand consultant and international speaker.

Great tips on self marketing, the importance of your own site's language to getting hired and the difference in being a freelance consultant.

A good consultant should never get hired twice... so you’re constantly looking for new clients
— Harry Roberts on the Consultant difference

Here’s some of the key takeaway points:

  • Before you leave your full time job: put time (years) into self-marketing

  • Before you leave your full time job: give as much of a notice period as possible

  • Give away a lot of your knowledge for free as 'content marketing' but don't forget to put a 'Hire Me' message across your blog and site

  • Speakers don't often get paid, but there are many advantages

  • Put something out there as soon as you can and then perfect it later, don't just wait

  • Consultants should work to a 'value-based' pricing model

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