First Job Freelance - Video Creator Olly Newport

Olly Newport's a 20 year old camera op/video editor who has never been anything but freelance.

Faced with a future of high univeristy fees he chose to take a film making passion into a freelancing career instead. It's been a steep learning curve in business.

Your competition is not your enemy
— Olly Newport on industry networking

Here’s some of the key takeaway points:

  • Network with those within your field, the competition aren't a bad thing, it pays to get to know them

  • To find his first freelance gigs he simply started asking those he knew around him and built it from there

  • Creative collaborations can lead to more work over time as you work on each other's projects

  • Finding his finances out of control, he became obsessed with spreadsheets and opened 4 bank accounts: business, current, saving, tax. Everything single invoice gets divided up as it's paid.

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