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Samar Owais arrived in Dubai.
She knew her husband.
She knew she could blog.
What she didn't know, she's learned online: investing in courses that hone her writing and business skills.

With great tips on working with clients in multiple time zones, plus the power of remote mentors and guest blogging.

When you’re starting out you’ve got to do what you’ve got to do... so long as you don’t get stuck
— Samar Owais on doing low paid work early on

Here’s some of the key takeaway points:

  • Invest in yourself - lots of courses also offer support in their online community (see links below)

  • Find yourself an accountability partner, use a remote mentor if you need to

  • If you’re a writer who does a lot of ghost-blogging (it’s 50% of Samar’s work), you can’t show that in your portfolio, so guest blogging with your name on it is key

  • Write guests blogs by targeting which topics your prospective clients want to know more about

  • Samar lists on her site very clearly what services she offers and what her rates are: it cuts out the leads that go nowhere

  • If you’re working across time zones, don’t risk missing a deadline, always finish a day early

  • Communicating via email rather than on calls gives a paper trail of information, cuts down confusion

  • Her side ‘passion project’ saved her from client-work burnout

  • When you’re starting out, if you need to work low paying jobs, that’s fine, so long as you don’t get stuck

  • Go with your gut. If you agree with the advice you’re hearing fine, otherwise do what works for you

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