Freelancing & Family - Art Director Sam Clark-Hall

Due to the nature of the TV/film industry, Sam's never had a 'proper job', so with over 15 years of freelancing under her belt has plenty to share on staying afloat financially.

Plus in recent years she's been balancing ambition with starting a family: doing something you love around those that you love.

Do something that you love... that you would do even if you weren’t getting paid
— Sam Clark-Hall on going freelance
Sam Clark-Hall Art Director Freelance Podcast

Here’s some of the key takeaway points:

  • Be sensible with your money, save a little extra for your tax and for your bills each month, so if you find yourself without work you've got a buffer to fall back on

  • When Sam started a family, she and her husband based their lifestyle on just one income as if she'd not work again; now that she does, it's all a bonus

  • Being freelance gives you great flexibility to be with your family, you're also passing on a great work ethic and the belief that you can have a career doing something you're passionate about

  • If your partner is a freelancer it's a real plus: they understand you're also married to the job and will get your crazy stresses and hours

  • Always invest in yourself, in your skills and technology

  • Be nice to people!

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