Find Your Mentor - Motion Designer Stu Denbigh

Motion Designer & Creative Editor Stu Denbigh took a step back to move forward.

Despite being a motion designer, he became a runner at a top production house so he could learn from the best.

He chats about the importance of continually improving, finding a mentor and cash-flow - all part of being freelance for 10 years.

You need to build trust with your clients
— Stu Denbigh on client relationships

Here’s some of the key takeaway points:

  • Sometimes you need to step back in your career to move forwards

  • The importance of referrals in getting new work

  • Even though his agreements say he’ll charge interest on fees not paid after 30 days, he’s never done it in case it harms the client relationship

  • Ask your bank for you a big overdraft to help your cash flow be less painful

  • How hard it can be fitting in to a company’s culture when you’re working on site as a freelancer

  • The challenge of re-do loops for designers

  • The benefit of working with other freelancers and learning from them by seeing how they work

  • The importance of finding a mentor, someone to pull you up a level

  • When putting together your portfolio, ditch your oldest work and show the most recent, it forces you to keep improving

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