Steve is a video & audio creator. Usually for businesses, but as you can tell, he has a habit of doing it for the freelance community too.

That's what he does now. For years he worked in radio.
In 2013 he swapped early starts for a life being freelance: to be his own boss, to be with his two kids, to be more awake.

He's always freelanced alongside 'full time' jobs though: radio producer, presenter, script writer, voiceover or copy writer.

He started the Being Freelance podcast in January 2015.

In 2016 he started documenting his freelance life with the Being Freelance vlog.

In 2018 he started speaking at events on the subject of freelancing and finding work-life balance.

2019 saw him launch the Being Freelance Community and become the co-host of a second podcast for freelance parents: Doing It For The Kids podcast.

He loves cake.
He runs because he knows he should.
Sometimes it's past a bakers.