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I’m not going to work weekends or evenings... You get the same amount done, you just work smarter
— Paul Boag on getting the work/life balance right

Paul Boag is a leader in digital strategy with over 20 years experience. He's been an employee, started a company and has now found a way to make his business work for his lifestyle: as a freelancer he's kept busy with consultancy, speaking, writing, training and mentoring.

But that's jus the half of it. Literally.
50% of Paul's time is spent marketing himself.

He has an incredible personal brand, built up over years that positions him as the go to expert. Podcasts, videos, blogs, books. We take a peek inside the workings of Boag World.


Here’s some of the key takeaway points:

  • Paul is proof of the power of content marketing. Other people could have his same skills, but do people know about it? Plus it lets potential clients get to know him before they even meet him.

  • As well as broad web appeal Paul deliberately targets marketing at specific sectors (particular niches such charities)

  • Don't just rely on inbound marketing: approach people as well, be it in person or even on twitter. Paul also includes companies/people he'd like to work with within his blog by way of introduction.

  • Paul's charge out rate is based on billing 50% of his time, then the remaining 50% of time can be spent marketing/bringing in clients and affords the opportunity to be choosy about who he works with

  • How is he so productive? He puts it down to planning and using the Getting Things Done (see links below for book) model

  • Be careful not to over commit - Paul doesn’t turn down work, but is very clear as to when he can do

  • You can’t just bring in enough money to cover your expenses each month, you’ve got to create a cushion

  • Don’t let yourself get burnt out - look after yourself and take time out: you can get the same amount done, you just have to work smarter

  • If you’re offering a consultant service make sure you have insurance

  • You’re hired on reputation - do you know your stuff and are you likeable?

  • Write/speak as you are, let some of your personality out - Paul even records videos of his blogs to sit with his blog post

  • Make your business work for your lifestyle - don't let your life be your business

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