Connections Create Business - Photographer Casey Gutteridge

Casey doesn't just take pictures, he takes every opportunity to build his connections and that builds his business.

From local newspaper snapper to having leading entreprenneurs and even royalty in the frame.

People remember people...
— Casey Gutteridge on building a network

Here’s some of the key takeaway points:

  • ‘People remember people’ - all of Casey’s work has come from referrals

  • Help people out along the way and it will come back around

  • Casey worked for free for a lot of charities to both expand his portfolio (trying new techniques out) and has found a lot of charity people have moved on to bigger charities and events often have powerful business people at them

  • Casey uses the CamCard app to keep and track business cards easily

  • If your financial/admin work is eating into time you could be working, outsource it

  • If (like Casey) you have a lot of expenses, don’t put it off - deal with it on a weekly basis, don’t let them pile up

  • Don’t be afraid to try things - if it doesn’t work, how you can you make it work?

  • Customer service is really important - under promise, over deliver - how can you go that extra mile?

  • Casey uses social media to grow his business daily by encouraging the client that he’s working for to tweet/retweet

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