Starting Out And Standing Up For Yourself - Illustrator Jessica Morgan

Hear illustrator Jessica Morgan, drawing on her experience of being freelance: starting out; freelance sites; pricing; getting paid and restricting your hours.

You need to build up a reputation first, you can’t just go in with a high rate...
— Jessica Morgan on using freelance sites

Here’s some of the key takeaway points:

  • Use freelance websites to build up your confidence, client base, reputation and portfolio

  • Be realistic with your first pricing, you need to build up a reputation first to deserve it

  • Make sure you stay in touch with clients and chase follow up work

  • When trying to win a client, be selective with your portfolio, you don’t have to show everything

  • If you’re owed money have confidence in what you’ve delivered; be persistent and forceful

  • Set out your payment terms at the beginning (works best with smaller clients)

  • Note how many hours you do on each task in each project so you can refer back to it in the future when quoting

  • Set office hours, you need downtime - and definitely tell clients you’re out of contact on holiday

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