Constant Creative Improvement - Photographer Tom Miles

A photographer for the likes of Men's Health with over 20 years of being self employed, it's kind of reassuring to hear pricing is still a sticking point.

With awesome creative tips that you can use whatever field you're in. Plus how does he drop clients whose work he doesn’t enjoy? And hear how he's evolved his portfolio to get the work he wants rather than what he’s offered.

The golden rule is: pitch high and let them knock you down...
— Tom Miles on pricing

Here’s some of the key takeaway points:

  • Connections matter; stay in touch

  • It’s a freelance obligation to do work that you care about: if you don’t like a client, don’t work for them

  • Seek honest opinions on your work when building your portfolio

  • To get dream jobs? Look at your portfolio, look at where you want to be and bridge the gap yourself

  • ‘Become your own mentor’: log your creative process; build on successes & avoid repeating mistakes

  • The key to your 'personal brand' is essentially how professional you are: act with integrity, do the job you agree to at the price and timescale they expect and that is the essense of your brand

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