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How do you go from taking the stage at a small event in your home city to speaking at the world's largest social media conference in the US a year later? Hear from the Digital Marketer, Social Media Consultant, Speaker, Blogger and Web Developer that is Ian Anderson Gray.

Hear how he got seriously social to grow his business.

Keep scrolling for key takeaway points and links, but first...

Key Takeway Points

  • have something of value to give away and you’ll grow your email list more
  • with blogging: try in depth posts, sometimes with controversial titles
  • “the more I invest into my content, the more likely it is to do well”
  • guest posting has driven people to his site and also led to speaking engagements
  • being ‘famous’ as a blogger or speaker doesn’t necessarily equate to being successful with your business
  • when speaking at events you still need to connect with the people there, make actual connections
  • you’ve got to invest in yourself
  • youcan only grow your audience so far… you need to be cross promoting with your peers
  • figure out what you hate doing and find a tool or assistant to make it easier
  • don't think you have to do it all!

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