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As a US military wife, being freelance suits Kaye perfectly. Wherever in the world she might find herself, she has the ability to work remotely with clients to help them build their brands. She shares really great tips on remote working, branding and how she's used content marketing to make herself seen, understood and to build her business.

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Key Takeaway Points

  • When you’re getting started find 'small wins'
  • Kaye started out using freelance job sites to begin building her business and her brand (she found it a miserable experience! - but it got her started)
  • Part of getting going is building up your confidence
  • Kaye’s ‘Brand Quiz’ content on her site has been a huge lead magnet for her
  • "Identify ways you can engage with people on your site as opposed to it all being about you”
  • Remember your clients (and potential clients) care about themselves more than you
  • Kaye doesn’t list everything she could do for a client service wise, but rather how she can ‘best serve’ them
  • Kaye’s content educates and qualifies clients
  • Podcasts and videos! The more people can hear/see you, the more they will grow to like you (and if they dislike you that’s fine too, you don’t want to work with them!)
  • Stick with the email/facebook group idea, it’s not easy at first but if you're consistent and nurture it, over the years it will be worth it
  • Be visible! Put yourself out there in front of people
  • When you start out, don’t be afraid of appearing small, being small is actually your biggest asset!
  • Think about your client experience
  • Using Calendly to schedule meetings (especially across time zones) has cut email traffic by 90%
  • Value yourself


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