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Freelance writer turned career & life coach Emma takes us through automating her processes, creating online courses, hiring a VA and getting work done as a new mum.

Plenty of freelance tips and a reminder that for all her content creation, it's those referrals that are key. Oh. And eating frogs.

Keep scrolling for key takeaway points and useful links but first...

Key Takeaway Points

  • Are you a ‘multi-potentialite’? Can you pull together all of your skills to offer your clients even more value?
  • Having a child has made Emma really focus on the time she does get to spend working; if she’s going to be away from her son, it needs to be worthwhile
  • Get in the habit of doing a couple of pitching activities a week like emailing old clients
  • Referrals bring Emma most of her work
  • Passive income from her courses is a great backup income, but she doesn't think 'passive' should be the only income
  • Emma’s a big fan of automating her processes to be more efficient
  • Emma’s not naturally organised, she has to be disciplined with to-do lists (eat that frog!) and uses a virtual assistant as well
  • Having a VA means Emma can focus on moving forward instead of constantly worrying about the little things
  • Speaking of which: hire a cleaner!

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