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Alison began in social media at the beginning of social media itself, setting up the first Facebook pages for some major brands. From within agencies, she sowed the seeds for a successful freelance career: now managing, training and speaking for a range of clients.

Now those seeds have sprouted Avocado Social. As a brand she's growing in confidence, growing her team and growing her audience. Hear how she markets herself and Avocado to finally enjoy the fruits of her labour.

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Key Takeaway Points

  • make the most of your network: when Alison went freelance she told everyone she knew
  • she started off trading as her name, but felt unprofessional at speaking gigs and wanted to bring on sub contractors and grow her business so became Avocado Social
  • she invested in a site and logo and has since relaunched again
  • Alison has created ‘personas’ for her target audience/clients which helps her focus her marketing and services
  • speaking at events not only pays, but brings in clients
  • Alison is finding success hosting her monthly webinars, they show her expertise and also make a connection with her as a person
  • The video on her website has really broken down a barrier for people contacting her
  • Blogging once a week consistently, she's brought on people to help her keep this up

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