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When his band broke up, he learned Flash.
When Flash was killed by Apple (arrrrghhh!), he taught himself After Effects.
When his little girl came along, he started learning how to juggle freelancing and his family.
Now, he's wondering what to learn next.

In this episode Timmy shares great freelance tips on putting your work out there, nailing accurate time and budget estimates and being proactively creative to get new work with old clients.

Keep scrolling for key takeaway points and links but first, see how nice your email looks when typed into this box...

Key Takeaway Points

  • Most of Timmy's clients come via word of mouth and his network that's kept alive on Twitter
  • He uses social to share his work: 'share as much as you can, as often as you can' to stay at the top of people's minds
  • Share the kind of work you want to be known for
  • Build a community of fellow freelancers in your field around you to share experiences and potentially work
  • Timmy uses a public Slack group of animators for community as well
  • Be proactive: approach past clients with new ideas based on what you see they're doing
  • Working from home is great but you have to be aware of your family and make sure you spend quality time with them too
  • 'When you say yes to something, you say 'no' to everything else'... so make sure you're saying yes to the right things
  • Time track every project; note down how long each part of your process takes so you can more acurately quote for jobs and manage your time in the future
  • If you can be accurate with your time and budget estimates your clients will be happy and keep coming back
  • Timmy always starts to line up his next piece of work, one month before the current project will end

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