A Brush With Success - Illustrator Kyle T. Webster

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Kyle built up a successful career as a freelance illustrator for major advertising agencies and the likes of The New Yorker... and then he had kids.

He realised he needed to create things on a bigger scale, that took him on a fascinating journey of trial and error with digital products of various kinds. Now, illustrators around the world create their work using his Kylebrush.com Adobe Photoshop brushes.

Hear how this 'accidental expert' looks ahead, spots opportunity and finds ways to use his illustrative talents to cash in on trends.

Keep scrolling for key takeaway points and links but first...

Key Takeaway Points

  • take baby steps towards your big goals as you step into being freelance: Kyle worked up from small local papers to the big players all whilst still employed full time
  • quitting your job is a good thing to do, it puts pressure on you to make being freelance work
  • work on your cold calling - phone up and say you’d like to send them an email, make that first introduction
  • Kyle is always looking 5 years into the future
  • don’t rest on your laurels: if business is going well, don’t forget that that could change
  • Kyle’s always paying attention to pop culture and trends; he's looking for ways to profit from them using his skills
  • you may already be an expert at something, an ‘accidental expert’, and not even realise it
  • don't be afraid to invest financially in your business in order to grow

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