Got Your Triangle In Shape? - Photographer Phill Allen

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Hear how university lecturer 'Mister Phill' reluctantly photographed a wedding... and then another... and then... well, that was seven years ago. He's not a lecturer anymore.

His 'triangular' approach to client acquisition is really worth thinking about for your own freelance business.

Keep scrolling for key takeaway points and links but first...

Key Takeaway Points

  • Phill has a niche of documentary style wedding photography
  • what shape is your triangle? Try and have 3 points of entry for people to find you; it'll create the stability of new clients without so much effort
  • invest in your site and your brand
  • be prepared to pay for other's quality work on your brand; you expect people to pay you well don't you?
  • your branding is really important for signalling to clients what it is you’re about
  • what you show on your site should filter out clients as well as pull people in

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