Just Get On With It! - Illustrator Sarah McIntyre

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How do you go from working for a Russian newspaper to creating successful picture books? By getting on with it!

Sarah doesn't wait for things to happen, she makes them happen. Hear how she gets stuck in with communities on and offline, challenges herself, promotes herself and fights the corner for up and coming freelance illustrators too.

Keep scrolling for key takeaway points and links but first, see how nice your email looks when typed into this box... come on, get on with it!

Key Takeaway Points

  • network - get out and find the community you want to be part of with your work
  • if asked if you can do something, try saying yes and figuring it out
  • seize the moment… if someone wants to collaborate now, do it now; it might not happen when the time is ‘right’ for you
  • sometimes you need to stretch yourself workload wise, if the opportunity is right
  • people don’t want the hard sell, get stuck into the community
  • when Sarah started out she would blog every day - create a picture every day, it was a good discipline to get into development wise
  • Sarah takes up challenges on Twitter and runs a daily drawing challenge
  • Sarah loves working in a studio with other artists, separating work & home
  • #picturesmeanbusiness - Sarah sticks up for herself and other illustrators
  • don’t wait around for others to give you approval, just get on with it
  • just keep trying, little by little
  • seriously, JUST GET ON WITH IT!

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