Side Projects Are Investments - Script Writer Tim Clague

Tim is a freelance storyteller. As a BAFTA nominated film maker, video creative and script writer, he sees 'side projects' as investments in his business: producing work you love should draw people you'd love to work with to you. This... is his story.

Here’s some of the key takeaway points:

  • Tim started freelancing by going part-time at his job
  • When people say ‘what do you do?’ He tells them what he’s done
  • Side projects shouldn’t be considered ‘side’ projects, they’re projects - they’re not fluff, they’re investing in you
  • Use side projects to evolve your skills and creativity in the direction you want to head; the worst thing you can do is… nothing
  • With your side work you start to build gravity and people start to be drawn to you for what you do, instead of chasing work the whole time
  • For Tim, side project collaboration is key: share the risk and the reward. It also helps with the isolation of freelancing
  • Stop worrying about and chasing work and take that time/energy to create amazing things that draw work to you
  • It gets to the point when you become confident the phone will ring
  • Don’t fear time of no work between jobs, embrace it to develop yourself
  • Doing his podcast has been a great networking opportunity for meeting incredible script writers; it’s got him to be better known within the industry

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