Freelance & The Family - Writer Franky Shanahan

Both Franky and her husband are self employed.

How do they make it work for their young family?

Hear how Franky's blog 'Love Audrey' gave her the confidence and the connections to go freelance, how she balances work and kids and why it's important to question what it really means to be successful. Pass the biscuits!

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Here’s some of the key takeaway points:

  • Don’t feel guilty about arranging child care, especially in holidays; it will mean the time you spend together really is properly spent together so everyone’s happier

  • Franky tries to only work during the school day: the strict hours keep her focussed

  • Remember, you're not only networking at 'networking' events, any time you meet someone could lead to work further down the line so first impressions count

  • Franky writes mainly within a niche of 'weddings', she did an internship within the industry and developed contacts

  • 95% of her work comes via word of mouth

  • Don’t adopt other people’s goals - there’s more than one definition of success; find your own

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