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London agency life was turning Laura into a zombie. Over-long days were filled with meetings and politics instead of being creative.

Now, she's alive again - as a remote freelancer. Out of the rat race, out of the city and into doing the work she loves. Not only could she start her own business, but she could start her family too.


Key Takeaway Points

  • When picking a company name, be creative; a name can easily be forgotten
  • Another benefit of a company name for a woman: if you change your name when you get married it makes no difference!
  • A lot of agencies won’t employ you if you aren’t a limited company, that’s why she started as one straight away
  • As a freelancer, she was free of agency ‘politics’ - she could get on with creative work without being in meetings all day
  • The majority of her leads and site traffic come via a 2012 ‘Top 50 Freelancers’ article on The Drum which links to her; is there a way you can appear on a high traffic, respected site?
  • Thinking of starting a family? Start to create a remote-freelance business so you can work from home
  • Laura works from home with her young child, she’s found it best to be honest with clients so they know when she’s available, or that there might be a little voice in the background if they call
  • Don’t forget to up your day rate as the years go by!
  • Try and over-quote jobs time wise: you don’t want to end up working for free/not enough, also the client will be happy if you end up billing less than you quoted
  • Don’t think ‘what does the client want to hear’ when it comes to timings & cost etc, tell them how it is

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