Etsy Bitsy Beginning - Branding Witch Kelly Brito

Freelancing has enabled Kelly to work around her family doing something she loves. Starting by selling Wordpress themes on etsy, she now offers an evolving range of branding services in amongst a generous supply of free resources.

From Brazil to a noisy New York City, we hear her story. And a few sirens. And planes. Drowned out by passion for her business.

Key Takeaway Points

  • Kelly began by selling wordpess templates on Etsy, people then started asking her to customise designs
  • She also has a shop on her own site so she can sell under her own brand and without fees
  • Using a company name helps her appear bigger: clients couldn't understand that one person could do design, code... etc - it makes people feel more secure buying from you
  • Kelly creates free resources like cue sheets, work books, templates that she gives away for free when guest posting on other blogs, on social and in the 'resources' section of her site
  • Sharing her free resources on Twitter brings people to her site where they stick around and see what else she does
  • Some clients discover her via Pinterest where all she does is shares things she's into, so her personality shines through
  • She's picky about what she shows on her portolio: only the work she wants to be known for, to attract similar clients
  • She outsources some work like coding but finds it hard letting go of control
  • She added photography to her services when she realised most stock photos weren't unique enough for her clients

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