Stop In The Name Of GLove - Stop Motion Filmmaker Graham Love

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You're 17. One of your stop motion films goes viral. A major TV channel calls with a commission. What do you? Start university as planned, or seize the moment and begin a freelance career for some of the biggest brands and broadcasters?

For Graham, all of his tiny precise filmic movements led to a sudden leap forward.

4 years on, as GLove Productions he's still having huge success. We chat creativity, finance, isolation and becoming a business straight out of school.

Key Takeaway Points

  • Side projects can lead to dream work
  • Seize the moment: if you've got an opportunity, why not take it?
  • Just commercial work can sap your energy.. don’t forget what it is you love to do and perhaps use a creative side project to reinvigorate you
  • Be savvy with your invoicing, bill 50% up front if possible
  • Don’t take client feedback personally - they’re not saying it to get at you

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