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Akash shares the networking tip that speaks for itself after it broke him into the video games industry as a composer and sound designer. Speaking at events.

From introvert to TED talker, it's now game on for Akash and he's winning.

We also hear about mentors, pricing and how he's evolved his business to help other freelance composers as well.

Key Takeaway Points

  • the quickest hack to networking is to speak about whatever you’re good at
  • don’t be scared of speaking; social skills are skills: learn, practice… and don’t think you don’t have something of value to say: you do, a lot of hard work got you to where you are
  • be creative with how you show your work, is there a way you can create something bespoke for a potential client to make you stand out?
  • His courses for freelance composers evolved from his email newsletter and from the number of frequently asked questions he'd have on specific topics
  • Akash has a pact with a friend to each release a new YouTube video each week - that kind of accountability can keep you consistent
  • Akash loves (really loves) to learn and has lots of mentors
  • a good mentor should be a friend (albeit a smarter-than-you type friend), someone you form a genuine relationship with
  • whilst it might sound great to work with big companies, smaller independents give you greater scope to be creative

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