Quality over Quantity - Copywriter Kaleigh Moore

Hear how Kaleigh's grown her business by using Twitter to build relationships and frankly, by being nice whilst being in competition with herself.

She shares her strategies on collecting social proof from clients, regularly raising her rates, getting higher quality, higher paying clients and how she ended up writing for Entrepreneur and Inc. No thanks to the cat.

  • Kaleigh's first clients were met face to face, but now 90% of work is remote
  • Twitter is a big place for her in building relationships that lead to work
  • Which companies would you like to work with? Find people there on Twitter, follow them, interact - don’t ask for work, just interact
  • Kaleigh’s very deliberate about collecting social proof: reviews, recommendations, case studies and asking for clients for referrals. Do you have a process at the end of a project that can collect this?
  • Referrals lead to better quality clients and they’re already keen to work with you
  • Her client focused website shares the social proof and results she’s gathered
  • Kaleigh started out using a company brand name (Lumen) but has now transitioned into just being herself, she finds it makes more sense particularly on social
  • She has a whiteboard to-do list for ‘today’ and planning forward through the weeks
  • If you’re a home worker, make sure you get out of the house and interact with people or you can lose the confidence of small talk; work somewhere else, do a class, whatever it might be
  • It can be tricky celebrating your successes by yourself, but do it, be proud
  • Don’t forget to raise your rates - it’s easiest with new clients and Kaleigh knows it time to do that when she’s a lot of work coming; more than she can do
  • Refer work you can’t do yourself to other freelancers… it’s a favour that can come back around to you in quieter times


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