Mused by Mouse - Graphic Designer Millie Cooper

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There's nothing quiet about this Mouse. Millie's love of graphic and web design is amplified by her passion for business itself.

Millie shares great tips for using Instagram and LinkedIn to grow. Plus, from her base in Sydney, hear how she's built a remote team of freelancers around the world to help evolve 'Design By Mouse' even further.

Key Takeaway Points

  • Millie began trading as 'Design by Mouse' straight away
  • Millie uses Instagram as an almost daily portfolio and way to talk about her business
  • She even uses Instagram to find people to collaborate with
  • She has a small team of remote freelancers who work with her on areas of the business that aren't her strengths
  • She treats them as employees, including giving them bonuses
  • Most of her work is via word of mouth, but she also uses LinkedIn to approach companies she's interested to work with
  • She finds working from home 'unhealthy' so uses an office three days a week

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