Face To Face - Photographer Andy Barnham

From an officer to a gentleman's go-to-freelance photographer. Andy left the army and soon found he had enough orders for capturing images of bespoke, tailor-made products, lifestyle and more. He shares his story on making a name for himself, making face-to-face connections and even making his own magazine to create his dream work.

Key Takeaway Points

  • When you start freelancing make the most of your existing contacts
  • If you're not using social/online techniques to promote yourself and make connections you're cutting off a potentially lucrative source of work, however...
  • Press the flesh: don't hide behind email, actually meet people, pop in and make a real connection as you show an interest in them and their business
  • Re-evaluate your freelance site every 12-18 months: what's working? what isn't? does your portfolio reflect what you're doing now or want to do?
  • Andy started his own magazine - he could create the work he wanted to, keep his portfolio fresh and make new contacts that evolved into leads for paid work
  • Is there anything else you can offer your clients? Andy joined forces with a videographer in order to offer a stills/video package
  • From Andy's experience in the military: planning is key, but no plan ever survives 'contact' - the reality; also take time to debrief yourself after a project, what lessons can be learned?
  • When it feels things are going bad in your freelance day, take time out, literally leave the house, go for a walk, grab a coffee, get a fresher view and you'll see they're not as bad as they seem

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