Freelance Marketing - Digital Designer Tim Brown

Tim designs and develops for local SME clients in his home city of Minneapolis. They all come thanks to the work he puts into establishing himself as a digital marketing authority both with blogging and podcasting. All that whilst refining his trade with work in an agency.

Tim shares great insight into getting seen and getting found by marketing yourself better.

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Here’s some of the key takeaway points:

  • Working for an agency gives you experience that helps you in your freelance career: the processes, the client management

  • Create content for your site that helps your potential clients - not only does it place you as an authority, but if done regularly massively helps your SEO

  • Create longer form blog content (think of them almost as chapters of a book - maybe one day it will be!) - it helps provide greater value for longer and establishes you as authority

  • Reach out to people and see if they will link to your site or particular posts as those links help your SEO

  • Monitor the analytics of your site/blog so you can see what’s working well for you

  • Keep your time scales for projects realistic, with ‘air’ in them for flexibility

  • Think about what you want in your contract: how will communication work? Will paused projects get restart fees? etc

  • When starting out, just get your website out there and evolve it as you go. If you need help designing so it reflects the quality of your brand, then hire someone!

  • Try and get some clients to hire you on a retainer so you have a baseline amount of money coming in each month, it takes the pressure off

  • Work/life balance should be what you want it to be: don’t get hung up on what others expect; if you love to devote a lot of time to your work/side projects, there’s nothing wrong with that, don’t feel guilty

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