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Hear how a journalist with a passion for the outdoors and walking made her own route to being an award-winning Outdoor writer.

With 18 books under her belt, she shares how she's found herself where she is today and the importance of joining a trade guild to her career, skills and sanity.

Key Takeaway Points

  • Viv carved out her niche by suggesting to a newspaper to take a Walking column, everything else has followed on from there
  • Follow the trail! One piece of work can lead to another if you make people aware of what you do and work the network
  • Viv has taught herself photography so she can add that to her offering
  • Viv has a routine of regularly finding new clients, targeting a list of leads every few months
  • Once you're in the door, stay there! Stay in touch with clients, send them ideas, even it's months or years later they could want you again
  • If you don’t get a pitch, ask for feedback, if you do - figure out what they liked!
  • Viv keeps her awards on the wall not to show off to others but to remind herself in tricky times that she is good at what she does!
  • Joining a Guild for her trade has been one of the best things she's done, it helps her publicise her work, gets her discounts, helps find her work through contacts and the presitge being a member gives her AND gives her much needed human support in what would otherwise be a very isolated freelance existence
  • Don't forget to put your rates up - best to do it in a small way regularly rather than in a big way every few years


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