Building A Future - Content Creator Ben Adam-Smith

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Ben's on a mission to make a difference to global warming and that's what drives his business.  

He's always taking stock of what he's done and planning his future.

He's built a niche video content business serving the construction industry, laid the foundations to a membership site by building a successful podcast and soon
aims to build his own house.

It seems like planning, investing and hiring other freelancers are the keys to growth.

Keep scrolling for Key Takeaway Points, but first...

Key Takeaway Points

  • being freelance put Ben in control, after the radio industry he worked in became so unstable
  • he chose a niche early on (of the construction industry) based on an overarching mission to help tackle climate change and that higher purpose helps drive everything he does
  • his podcast has a crossover to his niche and does feed clients to him
  • trades as a company name
  • outsourcing your tasks is essential for growth - it’s a balancing act to make sure you’re making enough money, but it’s key if you want to be bigger than just billing your own time, it also means you get hire specialists and improve your product
  • can you go to conferences where your ideal clients come together? Ben went to construction industry gatherings.
  • can you make a useful resource, a short guide to help your ideal clients?  
  • Ben hired a business coach with whom he discusses, plans, sets goals, has accountability
  • get organised, write out your processes
  • Ben looks ahead to where he wants to be and does what it takes to get there, even if it seems risky or needs investment that won't pay off until further down the road
  • there’s nothing wrong with failing, you’ve just got to learn the lessons
  • Ben now has a young son and works from home around him. He only works mornings so he can spend time being a dad except on the day his son goes to nursery when he can work all day
  • set yourself deadlines for projects/goals so you have something to work towards and break it down into smaller chunks
  • remember: you’ve never failed until you’ve given up


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