The Non-Employee Of The Week Mug (SOLD OUT)

The Non-Employee Of The Week Mug (SOLD OUT)

from 10.99

When you’re a freelancer, you are your own boss.
Reward yourself as ‘Non-Employee Of The Week’ with a jubilant taste of tea in this Being Freelance original.

Cost £10.99 + VAT

So if you’re VAT registered, speak to your accountant because surely this is essential office equipment - don’t quote us on that.

Coaster not included. BUT (and it’s a shiny, circular, heat resistant ‘but’) you can add it to your order for just £2.49. It’d look good with it right?

This is a classy mug. You know, the sort that doesn’t stain as soon as it looks at a tea bag* and actually feels good for a self-employed slurp.

As seen on the Being Freelance Non-Employee Of The Week awards ceremony live on Twitter. Modelled here by first winner Gareth Hancock of That Content Shed.

Much as we’d love to send this worldwide, this product is currently only available in the UK. Frankly, it was enough of a headache figuring that out for now.

Price includes postage and packaging.

20% VAT added at checkout.

*you do still have to wash it up

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