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Making your own rules - Copywriter Robbie King

Robbie swapped agency life in London for the beaches of Thailand when he upped sticks and set out on his own. He enjoyed his work and wanted to follow a creative path, but he needed more control over his time.

Armed only with a lump of savings and some marketable skills that he’d picked up at university, Robbie took the leap and figured out as he went along.

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That first taste of bacon - Motion Designer Devon Moodley

Devon was hooked from the beginning. He worked full-time for several years while freelancing on the side, but eventually, the FOMO got too much.

When a friend’s mum told him “You can always make money, but you can’t always make memories,” Devon was convinced. He gave up his full-time job at Xero, moved to another country, and set out on his own. This is his story so far.

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