Full Frontal Freelancer - Developer Remy Sharp

JavaScript developer Remy's been freelance for nearly a decade and has never pitched for business.

Hear how his side projects bring him clients, plus great thoughts on being a freelancing dad, the story behind his Full Frontal conference in Brighton and how he found having staff and an office simply wasn't everything he'd dreamt it would be.

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Here’s some of the key takeaway points:

  • Remy worked for a company for 9 years before becoming self-employed; he gradually left that job by going part-time, giving him a safety net as he became freelance

  • Working in a company first gave him lots of experience that's helped him hugely become the business he is today

  • He always thought growing his business to be a company of 6 would be perfect, but actually has found the stresses that come with employing staff and running an office outweigh the benefits - find what works for you and don't be afraid to change your plan

  • His side projects are shared openly on the web and along with his blog and speaking engagements, serve to bring him work by showing the world he knows his stuff

  • Right now his young family is important to him so he only works 4 days a week - if a client isn't happy with that then they're probably not the sort of client he'd want to work with

  • The Full Frontal conference came about because of a gap in the conferences being offered at the time - if you want something that doesn't exist, why not try creating it too?!

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