"Nice Guys Get Paid Last"


Want to get paid on time?

Quit being so nice!

Let's be clear, in his episode, Fraser Davidson isn't suggesting you should be an arsehole in business. But neither should you let yourself be taken advantage of. Because, shocker, there are companies out there who will ease their own cash-flow issues by delaying payment to the freelancer.

If you've done the work, you deserve to be paid.

"I quickly learned that... it’s persistence and badgering and very last case scenario mild threats, that get you paid."

It’s how aggressively you chase the money...
— Animator Fraser Davidson, Being Freelance

Put yourself in the position of a client.
Imagine you have 5 bills to pay.

At one end of the scale is a freelancer who emails every day, who calls you up, bugging the hell out of you to get paid.

At the other end of the scale is a freelancer who emails nicely, hasn't called yet. You reply saying 'sorry, there's been a glitch and it'll be next week'. The freelancer replies saying 'no worries, when you're ready, that's okay'.

Who would you pay first?

Don't be "somebody who will accept the old ‘I’m terribly sorry that’s going to go through next week’. It’s not going to be paid next week. Nice guys get paid last."

Being 'nice' will put you at the back of the queue.

You don't have to be rude (yet), but you can be friendly and firm.
You can be polite and assertive.

And if you're thinking 'but if I'm not nice, what if they don't want to work with me again?'

Do you really want to keep working for people who don't pay you? Who don't respect you?

Remember: "If you’re not going to kick up a fuss then it’s not going to happen."

Nice guys get paid last.

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