Keep Hitting Publish - Copywriter Amy Harrison

"You have the chance to carve the career of your dreams, so dream!" Amy didn't just settle for regular copywriting gigs. She didn't just settle for speaking/training around the world. She kept 'checking in with herself' and tweaking her career path.

Today she regularly hits publish on blogs, videos, podcasts and her own 'scalable' income (rather than passive) online course - alongside the client work she loves.

Here Amy shares the lessons she's learned from regularly hitting publish, using content to make her, erm, content. (You kind of have to say that out loud, then it's clever huh?)

Key Takeaway Points

  • Focus on the work you like to do
  • Keep 'checking in' on yourself to make sure you're happy and figure out how to evolve
  • Need new skills? Learn them: if there's an area in your trade (for her, sales/marketing copy) you'd like to work in, read up and then practice
  • Skills swap: early on to help build your portfolio, do work for free for other freelancers who likewise give you their skills
  • When clients come to you they'll be more engaged than if you pitch to them, so put yourself out there as someone they need
  • Speaking/teaching proved her expertise
  • Podcasting - keep going, encourage engagement with your audience
  • Podcasts/videos on weekly basis show you have a commitment to your particular subject
  • Be consistent with your publish days (for blogs too), you'll get better returns
  • There's a delay to you seeing results when publishing content - keep hitting publish, stick with it, you'll get better quality clients
  • If after a time you still don't see results, don't stop publishing, but look at what/how you're publishing and change that
  • Making videos is closely tied to your personality - so it can really open doors to clients and speaking gigs, people feel they know you
  • Amy makes videos with humour - it makes viewers more engaged when learning and makes them more likely to share
  • Don't think 'passive' income, think 'scaleable' income
  • Amy took her training resources and created a course and membership site
  • She didn't create a community around it because that takes a lot of actual time to manage (whereas the course takes care of itself)
  • Sometimes you have to just trust you're on the right path, stick with it
  • Ask yourself: 'what do I really like doing?' If you follow and persue that, do what you love and work hard at it, you will rise to the top
  • Avoid 'compare and despair' - sure, look at what others are doing, but don't let it distract you or make you feel negatively
  • Knuckle down, keep going - You have the chance to carve the career of your dreams, so dream!

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