Upskill To Get The Work You Want - Video Creator Nicky Woodhouse

Nicky Woodhouse went from TV researcher to self shoot/edit freelancer following David Cameron for 3 years creating Web-Cameron.

She's now grown her business Woodhouse TV using other freelancers. This episode includes her thoughts on finances, portfolios and the benefits of different work environments such as hot desking v hiring a full office.

A big part of hot-desking environments is networking...
— Nicky Woodhouse on the pros of co-work spaces

Here’s some of the key takeaway points:

  • How Nicky changed direction from a TV career by teaching herself camera and editing and becoming her own boss

  • Nothing beats getting face to face with someone and showing them your work

  • Finding the work/life balance can be tricky when it comes to planning with others

  • The difficulties of taking a holiday and staying on top of things means you need an understanding partner

  • Her experience of hiring an actual office, co-working space and working from home

  • Hot-desking environments are great for networking, meeting other creatives that you might collaborate with and even for seminars on how to run a better business etc

  • Hire an accountant and pay yourself a regular wage, whether you’ve had a bumper month of work or not

  • As a freelancer, make the most of Twitter’s 30 second video uploads to showcase what you do

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